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The Government Freelance Exchange

Why GOVFLEX is the right solution!

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The Marketing is done for me, so I can focus on providing professional services.

Easy to use template quickly creates my Professional Profile

GOVFLEX tracks required “paperwork” (e.g. NDA’s and OCI agreements) digitally.

FAST PAY feature provides payment within 48 hours of client acceptance of work.

At the end of the year, GOVFLEX automatically provides my 1099.

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What our experts are saying…

Mel Baker - Independent Expert
“GOVFLEX has proven an invaluable tool to me as a means to expand my client base without direct marketing expense or time and also as a wonderful way to streamline the paperwork process associated with consulting – including all of my contracts, invoicing, and 1099s.  The absolute best thing from a consultant’s perspective is the rapid payment feature.”
Mel Baker, Independent Expert

Popular Expert Categories

  • Capture, BD and Proposal Support

  • Technical Subject Matter Experts

  • Acquisition, Logistics and PM Support

  • Agency Program and Advisory Services
  • Graphics and Desktop Publishing

  • Pricing and Cost Estimation
  • Administrative Services

The Government Freelance Exchange

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