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On GovFlex, government consultants and consulting companies match with a wide range of government contractors and agencies searching for independent experts. Best of all, GovFlex tracks required “paperwork” (e.g. NDRs and OCI agreements) digitally, automatically provides a 1099, provides payment within 48 hours of client acceptance of work with industry leading FastPay, and registration is FREE.

Here's how it works

Find the work that works for you.

Consultants on GovFlex have the ability to open the aperture on the opportunities available to them.

Create your professional profile. Communicate your skills, clearances and desired work.
Match an ideal project. Identify requirements, qualifications, deliverables and timeline.
Demonstrate success. Consultants on GovFlex that have complete profiles, and can show off their success get hired more often.


Land the gig. Work the system.

On GovFlex, you can control when and where you work. Consultants can easily communicate and deliver files via our secure web application.

Get awarded a project. Securely share deliverables and communicate in realtime.
GovFlex tracks required paperwork. NDA’s and OCI agreements all happen digitally.
Enjoy the freedom. Work on your time.

Get paid faster.

On GovFlex, our secure payment solution allows you to receive payment in 48 hours after completion of work.

Invoice through GovFlex. Simple and secure.
Flexible payment options. Billing hourly or project based? No problem.
We handle the paperwork. At the end of the year, GovFlex automatically provides your 1099.

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Top consultants use GovFlex to grow their business.

“GovFlex allows me flexibilty to work from anywhere and service clients anywhere.”

Melanie Baker
Government Consultant and Independent Expert

Top Skill Categories

  • Pricing & Cost Estimation
  • Corporate Advisory Services
  • Business Strategy Consultants
  • Investment Banking, Venture Capital, and Finance Consultants
  • Import/Export Experts
  • Capture, BD and Proposal Support
  • Technical Subject Matter Experts
  • Acquisition, Logistics and PM Support
  • Investment Banking, Venture Capital, and Finance Consultants
  • Contract Management
  • Graphics & Desktop Publishing

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