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The Government Freelance Exchange

Why GOVFLEX is the right solution!

Modern “ like” e-commerce platform for buying and selling professional services

Reduces overhead while saving time and money

Access a network of thousands of independent experts

Convenient secure online payment methods

100% focused on government

A framework for tracking required “paperwork” (eg. 1099’s, NDA’s, OCI agreements)

Compliant with applicable acquisition regulations

The Government Freelance Exchange
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Government Freelance Exchange
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What our customers are saying…

Federal Sales Support

GOVFLEX is extremely intuitive, intelligent, and efficient providing top-notch proposal resources nation-wide. The site allows users the ability to filter on the types of resources required providing a listing of available resources to meet any budgetary and time constraints. I highly recommend it!

Director, Global Proposal Center | Federal Sales Support, Unisys

Popular Expert Categories

  • Capture, BD and Proposal Support

  • Technical Subject Matter Experts

  • Acquisition, Logistics and PM Support

  • Contract Management

  • Graphics & Desktop Publishing

  • Pricing & Cost Estimation

  • Corporate Advisory Services

  • Business Strategy Consultants

  • Investment Banking, Venture Capital, and Finance Consultants

  • Import/Export Experts

The Government Freelance Exchange

We match government contractors and agencies with the best independent experts

Customer Success Packages

Feature List

Active Projects

A project is an active search for a consultant you want to hire.

Processing Fee

To begin each engagement of a consultant, companies pay a processing fee.

Expert Matching Engine

Advanced filters enable super-fast drill down capability.

Consultant Quotes & Engagement

Shortlist and request quotes from consultants and choose the one best for your project.

Digital Administration

We handle NDA's, OCI's, invoices, and 1099 tax reporting to save time and cost.

Teammate Match

Identify partner companies to improve probability Of winning a cornpetitive procurement.

Knowledge Academy

Research and review 600+ articles, checklists and templates on doing business with the govemment.

In-App Customer Support

Online help, FAQ's, and tutorials are available.

Customer Success Manager


30 Day Trial

15% of Task





Up to 4 per/mo.

10% of Task




Up to 12 per/mo.

10% of Task





10% of Task