Why does hiring proposal consultants & SMEs directly through GOVPROP.com make more sense than going through a proposal consulting agency/company?

Eight months of matching government contractors with expert consultants has highlighted some significant differences between the highly streamlined GOVPROP.com direct consultant model and the older, more traditional proposal consulting agency model.

At GOVPROP, we’ve already seen that our clients are getting the same people for a lower price.  In many cases, the agency hasn’t been adding value, especially for one or two positions.  These professionals don’t need agency oversight, just someone to process their payments, which we do. In fact clients are hiring them for their insight, not the agency’s insight.

In many cases, agency markups are out of control. Between 40 and 100 percent higher because of a lack of competition. We’ve also seen bait and switch. The agency promised consultant A, but delivered B. In fact there is evidence, that they promised A, even though they knew A wasn’t available.  Happens a lot. With us, you are talking directly to A.

Some of top agencies in the market (AOC Key, Wolf Den, Entellect, and Privia) have already joined GOVPROP and are highlighting their individual consultants.  The advantage for you is that each of these agencies has to compete for your business. This keeps them honest and guarantees you the most competitive price for the skilled, experienced support you need to win new government business. If your agency hasn’t and isn’t competing for your business in our marketplace, ask them why not?

These are just a few of the reasons to give us a try. Check out our Knowledge Academy. Real-Time Market Intelligence, Media Library, Secure Collaboration Environment and Powerful Talent Matching Engine.


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