Step 3: Identify the staffing requirements

Assembling your Project Team is one of your most important tasks – getting the right people with the right skills at the right time.

This is especially true on professional services contracts and when there is a need for cleared staff or highly specialized key personnel. So, it is important to devote as much time to this as you do to developing your work plan and budget.

This activity usually begins with the development of a project organization and roles and responsibilities matrix – basically, a table describing the role of each key member of the Project Team. This can most effectively be accomplished using an Excel spreadsheet.

Provide a detailed itemization of the resources to be allocated to each major work activity in the project WBS. Specify the numbers and required skill levels of personnel for each work activity. You must also comply with any labor qualification requirements in your contract. Use a separate line item for each type of resource for each work activity.

It is important to get a copy of any teaming agreements to understand the commitments that may have been made as well as RFP and proposal subcontracting requirements so you can factor these into your staffing plans.

You should then develop a staffing approach including the desired mix of internal assignments versus new hires. You should also ascertain internal staff availability and skill match. Also, be sure to balance personnel qualifications and skill levels with contract labor requirements and your budget.

Once you have identified your staffing needs, you should follow the recruiting department’s defined process (see figure for an example) that should be followed to ensure your recruiting needs are met. In parallel, you should also notify your company HR Department of your staffing needs for possible internal fulfillment.  Additionally, HR/Recruiters will work with your security team to ensure pre-screening is completed and clearance processing initiated as part of the hiring and on-boarding process.


Fill out any necessary hiring requisitions in your Company’s Recruiting System. This workflow system will then route the requisition to the recruiting department for approval and the recruiting search.

– M. Lisagor


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