Introduction: Proposal development section overview

The GOVPROP Academy Proposal Development Process is illustrated in this diagram and is followed by a list of all the proposal subsections.

Note: As shown, some activities might span pre-proposal and post-solicitation (RFP/tender) release. However, the width of the bar does not equate to the relative activity duration.

Academy Proposal Process Diagram PROPOSAL DEVELOPMENT SECTIONS (15):

1. Strategy, Schedule & Resources

2. Bid Decision

3. Themes & Discriminators

4. Technical/Management Approach & Review

5. Proposal Storyboards or Detailed Outline

6. Kick-off Meeting 

7. Proposal Pricing & Estimating

8. Writing & Draft Preparation

9. Other Required Plans

10. Resumes

11. Past Performance

12. Final Publication & Review

13. Oral Proposal

14. Evaluation Notice, Questions & Revisions

15. Closeout


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