Step 7: Issue management

Project issues may arise from a number of sources.

These include, but are not restricted to:

  • Issues with project stakeholders
  • Funding issues
  • Staffing issues
  • Technical issues
  • Management issues
  • Organizational issues

Issue analysis involves determining why a problem has occurred, as well as the corrective action required to rectify the problem. Corrective action is required when the issue, if left unresolved, will prevent your Company from meeting the customers’ requirements or the overall project objectives.

The PM is responsible for the ongoing tracking and monitoring of project issues.  This involves:

  • Keeping track of identified issues
  • Identifying new issues
  • Evaluating and communicating any changes in issues
  • Ensuring corrective actions are implemented by the due date
  • Reviewing issue status
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of corrective actions

Action Item List Template (Word document)

The corrective action required in response to an identified issue will vary, depending on the nature of the issue.  The determination of the required corrective action may require a discussion of alternative options to resolve the problem.  Depending on the size of the issue, the identification of the corrective action may require a formal decision making in order to select the most appropriate solution to rectify the problem.

All issues tracked on the Issue Log must be assigned an owner (the person responsible for implementing the corrective action) and a due date by which the corrective action should have occurred.  Corrective actions taken must also be reviewed to determine if the action taken was effective in resolving the problem.  This review must be conducted before the issue is closed.  Where the corrective action taken was not effective in resolving the issue, appropriate action must be taken to ensure that the issue is effectively resolved.

– Mike Lisagor


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