Proposal outlines

While there is not a definitive “proposal outline,” there are certain sections are required in most government proposals.

Here is a typical outline:

Cover Letter

  • Identifies the RFP number
  • Identifies the project requirements
  • Identifies the number of copies forwarded
  • Provides a brief introduction to the Company
  • States commitment to the effort
  • Provides the Company contracts for technical and cost issues


Title Page

  • Identifies the offeror, RFP number, and title of the procurement
  • Provides the Company’s name, address and corporate logo
  • Contains the non-disclosure statement


Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  • Summarizes salient information contained in the proposal
  • Introduces the team
  • Highlights key related projects
  • Highlights commitment to the effort
  • Sells the Company


Understanding the Statement of Work

  • Details the Company’s understanding of the customer’s environment, functions and procedures as detailed in the RFP
  • Not always required as a separate section but always addressed, sometimes in the Technical Approach


Technical Approach

  • States the problem presented by the RFP
  • Details the Company’s understanding of the problem
  • States the Company’s solution to the problem, from the general to the specific


Management Section

  • Shows management and cost control structures
  • Provides a Program Organization Chart
  • Details the Program Management Plan
  • Shows interdivisional support and the Subcontracting Plan
  • May provide other related plans such as configuration management, data management, or others as required by the RFP


Corporate Capabilities

  • Shows the Company projects of similar scope, size, application
  • Features similarities of projects to the proposed effort
  • Includes information on client, type of contract, contract value and duration of the project


Personnel Section

  • Describes the Company’s base of related personnel resources and introduces the resumes
  • May provide an experience synopsis of key personnel highlighting their related experience and commitment to the proposed effort


Resumes are often included in an appendix that don’t count against any proposal page limitation.

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