Consolidated list of GOVPROP sample job descriptions

Note: The following Microsoft Word® sample job descriptions are provided as an example only. Each section should be carefully updated to reflect your specific requirements prior to being copied and pasted into a GOVPROP job profile.
  1. BD, Capture & Proposal Training: Turnkey bd, capture & proposal training
  2. Business Development: Business development manager or director
  3. Finance & Accounting: Finance & accounting services
  4. Capture Management: Capture manager
  5. Contracts and Subcontracts: Contracts administrator
  6. Cost Estimating and Pricing: Pricing cost estimating specialist
  7. Desktop Publishing: Desktop publishing
  8. Document Translation: Document translation
  9. Export/Import: Import and export
  10. Finance & Accounting: Finance & accounting services
  11. Government Affairs: Government affairs
  12. Grant Writing: Grant writer
  13. Graphics: Proposal graphics designer
  14. GSA Schedule Services: GSA schedule submission & modification services
  15. Legal & IP Services: Legal and IP Services
  16. Market Research & Analysis: Market research
  17. Marketing & Public Relations: Marketing manager
  18. Oral Presentations: Proposal manager
  19. Printing, Production, and Delivery: Email for Federal Express guidelines
  20. Proposal Development (Turnkey): Turnkey Proposal Development & Delivery
  21. Project Management: Project-manager and Turnkey proposal delivery
  22. Proposal Coordination: Proposal coordinator
  23. Proposal Management: Proposal manager
  24. Proposal Writing: Proposal-writer
  25. Proposal Review: Proposal reviewer
  26. Proposal Editing: Proposal editor
  27. Proposal Corporate Experience & Past Performance: Past performance writer
  28. Proposal Resume Writing: Resume writer
  29. Recruiting: Recruiter
  30. Risk Assessment (Software System): Risk assessment -software system
  31. Small Business Contracting Plan: Small business subcontracting plan
  32. Staff Augmentation: Recruiter
  33. Strategic & Business Planning: Strategic planning
  34. Subject Matter Expert: Technical subject matter expert
  35. Technical Editing: Technical editor
  36. Technical Solution Development: Technical subject matter expert
  37. Technical Writing: Technical proposal writer

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