Proposal gold team review

The purpose of the Gold Team Review is to obtain executive approval of the final proposal.

Gold Team Participants

Often referred to as an executive review, the Gold Team convenes to review and obtain decision maker approval of the final proposal. Therefore, Gold Team participants include your company and teammate personnel authorized to make final proposal decisions. Given the number of reviews held to date, the only review that remains is confirmation of cost/pricing decisions and disposition of Red Team comments.

Gold Team Execution

The Gold Team performs a page-by-page read-through to rectify mistakes and ensure answers are correct and clearly communicated. To expedite the read-through process, Gold Team reviewers should first make a collective mark-up of agreed changes. This collective mark-up can be accomplished by either of these two methods:

  • Having each reviewer mark up final copies in parallel then convening the team to reconcile comments
  • Separating the proposal by factor or sub factor and passing the section around for serial review then convening the team to reconcile comments

The purpose of this initial review is to ensure the Gold Team is staying within the charter of the review, which is certifying the document is compliant and correct. The Gold Team is not a forum to interject new ideas or reintroduce concepts rejected by the review teams. Gold Team members must focus on compliance and scoring and guard against the Last Minute Brilliant Idea (LMBI). The initial individual read-through:

  • Pre-dispositions minor issues that could bog down the group read-through
  • Reminds the reviewer of the order in which the proposal information is presented (to preclude the overwhelming desire to rewrite the proposal to put everything in the introduction)
  • Gets LMBIs out in the open for debate

“99% of last minute brilliant ideas are inconsequential or downright bad, and 100% are disruptive. Last minute implementation is error prone, risking a degradation of proposal quality. So if you think your idea is so good that it is worth the risk … think again or think earlier.”

The purpose of the page-by-page check is to oversee the changes derived from the initial review and correct obvious errors such as incorrect figure call-outs, wrong verb tense, ambiguous antecedents, “saying no when we should have said yes,” page numbering and formatting error. There is no changing of “happy to glad” or introducing LMBIs or countermanding teaming agreements. This is not the time to continue the pursuit of data that could not be obtained thus far in the proposal process.

The Gold Team review is also the proposal cost/price approval step. It is critical that teammate representatives with authority to approve costing be present for the cost/price review. The cost/price volume reviews must answer three critical questions:

  • Is the volume compliant? The information in the cost volume should be presented with adequate supporting cost buildups and explanatory narrative.
  • Is the cost/price realistic and reasonable? This review is at the CLIN level or below — not just at the contract level Labor, overhead and G&A rates should also pass the realistic and reasonable test.
  • Is our price competitive? Price is extremely critical to the customer’s source selection process. The Gold Team is the final determiner of pricing and is expected to either approve pricing or set pricing targets.
  • If the price is to change, the Gold Team must understand the impact of the change to the overall proposal and proposal delivery requirements. That is, what is the impact to the production schedule for a cost volume revision and what is the impact to the scored volume? For example, a change in labor cost may have a ripple effect in the management approach’s staffing plan. The Gold Team should consult with the pricing lead and Proposal Manager when the price needs adjusting. Remember that the revised price must pass the realistic and reasonable test.

The Capture Manager attends the read-through and must approve any change. Other read-through participants could include the Proposal Manager, section leads, and someone with “fresh eyes” that will more readily identify mistakes.

The Gold Team version is to be a 99.9% complete version. Therefore, the Gold Team version should be in compliance with page count and other format restrictions.

The Gold Team may wish to perform a page by page read-aloud. When the Gold Team has completed the page-by-page read-a-loud exercise, each manager signs the Proposal Approval Form to certify proposal content and presentation. In practice, only the Capture Manager’s approval is necessary to complete the proposal process.

Proposal Publication Approval Form (Word version)

– Melanie Baker & Mike Lisagor


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