Proposal coordinator – sample Job description

Proposal-coordinator-sample-job-description (Word document)

Note: This sample job description is provided as an example only. Each section should be carefully updated to reflect your specific requirements prior to being copied and pasted into a GOVPROP job profile.

Job Responsibilities:

Upon receipt of the RFP, the proposal coordinator makes sure the following actions are taken:

  • Attach an RFP review form to the RFP, assign the date and time of the bid decision deadline
  • Distribute RFP to the appropriate personnel and to the directed distribution for review
  • Allow one day to analyze the RFP sections and for the BD Director to prepare a Bid Decision Matrix
  • Coordinate a meeting, as appropriate, to discuss the bid decision and share any intelligence gathered about the opportunity
  • If a decision to bid is made, a bid decision announcement is distributed and a kickoff meeting is then scheduled to discuss further bid strategies (e.g., themes, discriminators, schedules and team)
  • Schedule a proposal kick-off meeting & theming session
  • Prepare the RFP requirements traceability matrix
  • Collect annotated proposal outline w/themes or story boards
  • Facilitate development of proposal sections by writers
  • Coordinate cost proposal reviews and changes by the review personnel
  • Perform proposal editing
  • Facilitate delivery of the proposal on time

Once the proposal is submitted, the Proposal Coordinator supports the Proposal Manager and/or Capture Manager to accomplish the following activities:

  • Prepare technical clarifications package
  • New, updated proposal submissions
  • Support orals preparation, briefing slides, and presentation reviews and feedback

Job Deliverables:

  • Proposal schedules and status reports
  • RRFP requirements traceability matrix
  • Draft proposal versions
  • Proposal graphics
  • Final proposal document
  • Oral presentation PowerPoint slides

Job Out of Scope Items:

  • Proposal graphics
  • Technical writing
  • Cost proposal

Job Qualifications:

  • Organizational capabilities
  • Knowledge of word processing software, especially Microsoft Word
  • Knowledge of basic computerized graphics capabilities is highly desirable
  • Strong verbal and written communications
  • Team player
  • Grace under pressure – the ability to function effectively under stringent deadlines and resolve problems under pressure
  • Ability to delegate and follow-up with proposal writers
  • Knowledge of government contracting, proposal development, and publications development and production is highly desirable
  • Keen eye for detail and skills in copy-editing, grammar, style, spelling and punctuation

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