Proposal closeout

The main objective of the proposal closeout phase is to archive proposal information, close the bid & proposal (B&P) account, capture proposal lessons learned and support project start-up.

Following the customer debrief (approximately 30 to 60 days after source selection):

  • Generate a closeout report including lessons learned
  • Archive proposal/capture material
  • Close the B&P account
  • Support project startup

Generate a closeout report

The Capture Manager generates the close-out report. The report is a high-level summary of the procurement outcome. The purpose is to inform management of the win or loss and to provide a synopsis of the proposal debrief information captured as Lessons Learned.

Proposal Closeout Report Template (Word document)

Archive proposal/capture material

Your company should implement a process to retain final source documents and all control and informational documents used or developed in the proposal process. This is particularly important because proposal documents are often source material for future proposals. Here is a list of some the information that should be archived:

  • Capture Plan as approved by the Blue Peam
  • Risk Analysis
  • Proposal Management Plan
  • Review Team Packages
  • Final Proposal — Non-pricing
  • Final Cost/Price Proposal and backup materials
  • Tearning Agreements, JV Agreements, MOUs, other contract documents
  • RFP/Solicitation and amendments
  • Lessons-Learned
  • Closeout (win/loss) Report

Close the B&P account

Once all bid and proposal activities have concluded, all outstanding costs should be collected and the B&P account closed in accordance with your finance department procedures.

Support Project Start-up

The Capture Manager and the Proposal Manager should support the Project Manager with project start-up. This process is described in the Project Startup Section.


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