Introduction: Project initiation & planning overview

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Introduction: Project initiation & planning overview

Successful management of a company project starts with a solid project definition and kick-off activity.

This involves 18 discrete tasks that are discussed in the following individual subsections:

Step 1: Understand the project requirements

Step 2: Identify all key stakeholders

Step 3: Identify the staffing requirements

Step 4: Build the work breakdown structure (WBS)

Step 5: Establish the financial (cost estimate) baseline

Step 6: Establish the schedule baseline

Step 7: Establish the contracts baseline

Step 8: Establish the subcontracts baseline

Step 9: Establish the facilities baseline

Step 10: Establish an information technology baseline

Step 11: Establish the security baseline

Step 12: Establish a material baseline

Step 13: Establish the configuration change control baseline

Step 14: Establish the quality assurance & control baseline

Step 15: Establish a risk management baseline

Step 16: Develop an action plan

Step 17: Conduct project kick-off meeting

Step 18: Prepare a project management plan

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