Post-award transition to contract start-up

This activity prepares the contract execution team for contract start-up and, in some approved situations, begins execution before the contract is fully executed.

The plan (planning) for program execution, begun in the capture and proposal phases, should be refined by the Capture Manager to reflect any new approved contract requirements. A transition action item list should then be developed. This document will allow the project manager and corporate support team to initiate a smooth project start-up. Some of the key elements of a transition action item list are:

  • Customer contact lists (key personnel as well as fax numbers, e-mail addresses, working hours, etc.)
  • Contract start date and deliverable milestones
  • Scheduling of key personnel start-up
  • For onsite contracts: office fixture inventory, removal or placement, badging or other access, services connect or disconnect (telephones, copier maintenance, etc.), parking facilities, copies of customer policies regarding proper individual conduct, emergency provisions, inclement weather situations, etc.
  • Classified materials inventory and transfer of custody
  • Databases to be maintained and hardware and software to be implemented or maintained, including upgrade and backup considerations
  • In-briefings and out-briefings for key personnel
  • Initiate contract execution activities that are necessary for timely and effective delivery and that are consistent with Company policy

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