Modification 005 to the OASIS-SB Pool 2

Here is a time sensitive opportunity that I thought everyone should be aware of.

On January 5th, the General Services Administration (GSA) issued Modification 005 to the OASIS-SB Pool 2 On-Ramp solicitation that significantly expands opportunities for Small Businesses (SBs) to participate. Not only did they extend the proposal deadline from January 10 to January 26, but GSA also changed the allowable NAICS and Product Service Codes (PSCs) that qualify as Relevant Experience Projects.

Potential Offerors still need to qualify for Pool 2 under the select NAICS/PSC Codes, but now have a longer list of Codes from which to select for their qualified Relevant Experience Primary Projects. This is a game changer for Offerors who previously did not garner sufficient scoring points for the experience section. This is just one of the many changes under this modification.

For those not aware, GSA anticipates awarding 31 contracts through this on-ramp period for only Pool 2. Previously, GSA only filled 9 of the available 40 slots, which did not promote sufficient SB competition. Be advised that GSA did not publish a minimum score as they did for other pools due to the lack of competition on the original RFP.

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To Your Success!

Eric Adolphe, CEO

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