Key proposal development roles & responsibilities

In general, once the Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Tender or Request for Grant is released, the lead responsibility for a new business opportunity transitions to the Proposal Manager.

This section describes the major proposal roles.

Major Proposal Roles Checklist (Word version)

The detailed responsibilities of the Proposal Manager include:

  • Review the Company’s BD Process Guide and work with the capture manager to make any necessary tailoring with respect to the size and scope of the opportunity
  • Ensure proposal compliance with all RFP requirements in all proposal volumes
  • Prepare and deliver all proposal volumes, plans, and specifications
  • Integrate the efforts of planning/engineering staff with proposal staff, and of proposal staff with production staff
  • Prepare master proposal schedule
  • Assign key proposal personnel
  • Prepare B&P budget and forecasts with the capture manager
  • Plan proposal and proposal support activities
  • Issue writer’s package to proposal team
  • Allocate proposal personnel and resources to volume leaders
  • Lead development of proposal worksheets (PDWs), mock-ups, and content working through the Volume Leads
  • Develop guidelines and systems for detailed cost proposal inputs
  • Ensures approval of all corporate commitment statements
  • Approve any exceptions or deviations
  • Prepare status reports and briefings for higher level management

During the Proposal Phase, the Capture Manager should:

  • Present final bid review material
  • Present win strategy at the Proposal Kick-Off Meeting
  • Lead development of the technical and management approach and content
  • Coordinate technical proposal resources (SMEs & writers)
  • Make capture strategy decisions and be a key proposal writer
  • Coordinate the development of the pricing and cost proposal development

During the Proposal Phase, the Business Development or Opportunity Sales Lead should:

  • Support the development of proposal win themes
  • Support proposal reviews
  • Provide competitive analysis and pricing inputs and try to determine winning pricing

During the Proposal Phase, the Pricing Lead should:

  • Determine price to win with the Business Development Lead and the Capture Manager
  • Conduct an initial price review soon after RFP release
  • Conduct a final Cost Volume and price review

The coordination between the technical and cost proposals is the most important function of the Proposal and Cost Managers. Cost Reviews are essential to this coordination.

Once the proposal is submitted, the Proposal Manager and Capture Manager are responsible for these activities:

  • Technical clarifications
  • Cost clarifications
  • New, updated proposal submissions
  • Orals preparation, briefing slides, and presentation reviews and feedback
  • Facilities visit
  • Demonstrations
  • Final pricing
  • Coordinating final pricing from the Executive in Charge, Capture Manager and Finance Director if a Best and Final Offer (BAFO) is required
  • Document all proposal lessons learned

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