How to complete the job profile

These instructions will help you fill out a job profile to attract responses from the most qualified consultants.

Job ID

This identifier is assigned automatically by the system

Job Title

Enter a short descriptive job title that includes the job category title.

For instance: Proposal Writer for DHS Technical Proposal.

Job Summary

Provide a one paragraph summary of the job requirements.

Note: For examples of the next four sections, see the sample job descriptions in the Academy.

Job Responsibilities

Provide a one or two paragraph or bulletized description of the specific job responsibilities.

Job Out of Scope Items

Describe any tasks or deliverable that will not be required from this engagement.

For instance, the management and cost volumes.

Job Qualifications

Describe the education, skill and experience requirements including, if relevant, government agency familiarity.

Job Deliverables

Identify the documents that will constitute successful project completion.

For instance, a draft and final written technical proposal volume

Job Type

Describe the type of financial engagement.

For instance, Fixed Price or Time and Materials (a certain number of labor hours x an hourly rate plus any other direct charges like travel).

What’s your budget?

Optional. However, knowing your budget can often help our experts provide you with more realistic bids.

Success Bonus

For your higher priority projects, try offering a success bonus (such as $5000). This can be powerful incentive to attract and motivate the top consultants.

Job Location

Indicate where the work will be performed and the details of any required travel.

Start Date

Enter the expected project start date and any factors that may influence the start date. For instance, an anticipated RFP release slip.

End Date

Enter the anticipated project end date and any factors that may influence the end date. For instance, a proposal schedule extension.

Request for Proposal/Tender Number

Where applicable, enter the government’s RFP/Tender number.

Government Agency

Enter the agency name if the project relates to a specific agency.

Summary of the Government Requirement

Provide a summary of the government program your company is supporting or pursuing and how it relates to this expert job request.

Reference Web Links

Provide relevant information such as an agency RFP, statement of work, procurement documentation, work breakdown structure and schedule.

Contract Vehicle

Identify the contract vehicle that relates to this project. For instance, GSA Alliant or NIH CIOSP.

Government Program Name

Identify the name of the relevant government program. For instance, FBI Criminal Justice Case Management System Processing and Support.

Solicitation Release Date

If relevant to this project, enter the anticipated (or actual) solicitation release date.

Proposal/Grant Submission Date

If relevant to this project, enter the proposal/tender/grant and/or Oral Proposal due date.

Job Category

Enter the job category that is the closest fit to your requirement.

GOVPROP PWIN (from the toolkit)

Enter your project’s probability of win (PWIN) percentage by using the PWIN Calculator.

Job Post Date

Entered by

Estimate Deadline

Enter the latest date you will accept a bid from a expert or expert company.

Estimate and, if applicable, Bid & Proposal number generated by your accounting system

Optional. Use this section to record your Company’s accounting system reference information.


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