GSA contract novation guidelines & sample contract

The General Services Administration provides detailed guidelines for the novation of a contract from one entity to another.

FAR 42.12, Novation and Change-of-Name Agreements, describe the procedures necessary to request that the Government recognize a name change or a successor in interest to a contract (novation). If a contractor legally changes its name, or the contractor’s assets are transferred to another entity, the contractor must notify the responsible Government contracting officer immediately using the following procedures. A contract modification cannot be issued to recognize a Novation or Change-of-Name Agreement without submission of the required information. Contract modifications for price adjustments, model additions or deletions, etc., may not be processed until an applicable Novation or Change-of-Name Agreement has been approved by GSA or another Federal Agency. Payment issues may also arise if a Novation or Change-of-Name Agreement is not processed at the time of the change.

Click here to read the entire guidelines.

Here is a GSA checklist of required information.

Here is publicly available sample GSA Alliant Novation Contract.

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