User's Guide: How to identify, select & engage an expert or expert company

The purpose of this User’s Guide is to provide direction and guidance in the use of GOVPROP.comTM to identify and obtain the required expert consulting services.

We are committed to your project success. So, please contact our customer service department at: with any questions or assistance requests.

GOVPROP User’s Guide (PDF)

1. Calculating the PWIN is a necessary first step before you can begin a project. The PWIN enables our consultants to determine which projects they prefer to bid. The higher the PWIN, the more consultants will compete for your project, thereby reducing the cost of your project.

The PWIN also helps you make better decisions about which government contracts you pursue and identify the overall process improvements and specific opportunity pursuit actions needed to increase your win probability. For example, some clients have learned they are consistently losing projects with a PWIN of 16% – 30% and are using the PWIN Calculator to improve their win rates.

2. Complete an online job request using your own description or a modified version of one of the many job descriptions in the Academy. Provide as much detail as possible including job category, skills and government agency. Click here for detailed instructions for filling out each section of a job profile.

3. Use our Price Estimator to develop an Estimate-to-Complete for Proposal or Grant Application.

Enter the cost to submit a similar proposal, grant or tender. will estimate your cost savings based on the number of experts who bid your project. However, savings will vary. Entering more information into your project description will enable experts to provide more accurate pricing. Less information will likely result in higher prices than predicted by the Price Estimator. will estimate your cost savings based on the number of experts who bid your project. However, savings will vary. Entering more information into your project description enables experts to provide more accurate pricing. Less information will likely result in higher prices than predicted by the Price Estimator. Also, the complexity of each project will vary and as a result, bids may be higher or lower than predicted by the Price Estimator.

4. Use our Expert Matching Engine to search through our expert database and receive a ranked list of the experts (and expert companies) that are the closest fit to your job requirements. If not enough experts fit your requirements, then contact our customer support staff for help fulfilling your search.

5. Review each expert’s profile.

6. Request an electronic bid from one or more of these experts. To increase the number of consultants willing to submit a bid:

Use our PWIN Calculator to increase your project’s win probability.

Complete as many of the project fields as possible. More keywords and better descriptions of your project will increase the number of consultants bidding your project and potentially lower the cost of your project.

Try offering a success bonus in the project profile. They can be powerful incentives to attract the top consultants.

7. Review the bids. Ask for clarifications, if necessary, through our secure communication function. Consider whether your job requirement is best met by the most qualified highest price bidder, the best value bidder, or the lowest price technically acceptable bidder. Factors that might influence this decision include the importance of the task to your company, the schedule critical path and your available budget.

8. Electronically accept the bid that is the closest fit with your technical, schedule and cost requirements.

9. Post the bid amount plus the 6% processing fee in your escrow account.

10. Electronically request a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or Organizational Conflict of Interest (OCI), if required, and electronically sign a contract with the expert or expert company.

11. Collaborate with the expert

We strongly recommend that you apply industry standard project management practices to each consulting project. This includes conducting a project kick-off meeting with the expert(s) and all the stakeholders, requiring regular progress reporting, and tracking action items.

Make sure the expert is fully aware of the project requirements and deliverable content, format, and schedule. Effective communications will help you avoid undesirable consequences! Here is a typical consulting project kick-off agenda.

Sample Consulting Project Kick-off Meeting Agenda

  • Introductions
  • Scope and objectives
  • Challenges and project constraints
  • Project approach
  • Success factors
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Work plan review
  • Major milestones and deliverables
  • Project and document control techniques
  • Documentation standards
  • Review process
  • Project status reporting
  • Travel plans
  • Tools and information needed from the client
  • Questions needing immediate answers
  • Security requirements
  • Risk and mitigation discussion
  • Action review and next steps

11. Collaborate with the expert continued

Search the Academy for best practices, lessons learned, templates and checklists.

Use Secure to maintain the security of your documents and intellectual property (planned for 2nd quarter 2015 for standard and premium subscribers).

Search for key personnel resumes for proposals with Talent Scout (scheduled for 3rd Quarter 2015).

Do printing, production and delivery through our partner, Federal Express.

12. Once the work is completed to your satisfaction, fill out the required performance evaluation survey and then click on the accept button. The expert will only be paid from your escrow account once you have electronically accepted their work either in its entirety or as part of an agreed upon payment schedule and you have filled out an expert satisfaction survey.

13. At the end of the year, will prepare and deliver the necessary 1099 forms to the experts and will provide you with the necessary documentation.

– Mike Lisagor


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