Find out who is selling & buying on GSA Schedules

Government buyers often prefer vendors with GSA Schedules because the buying process is faster.

By accessing GSA’s web site, you can see your competitors’ GSA Schedule Contracts products, services, and pricing. Can you compete with them on price? Would buyers pay a premium for your unique value?

Where to go:

How to start:  

  1. From the left menu, choose GSA Advantage.  Then from the top tabs, click “Schedules e-Library”. Choose the category of products or services that you offer.  You’ll get a list of related Schedule Contracts and description of what each covers.
  2. Explore! Click Schedule ID for a list of the categories of products or services it covers.
  3. Jot down the Schedule IDs for YOUR products or services.

What to look for: Check out who is selling — listed alphabetically, and searchable as well.

  1. If any data is underlined, that means you can click for more information. That’s how you get to individual vendors’ pricing, labor rates, and contract terms and conditions!
  2. Using the search box, type a competitor’s name. See whether and what they offer through GSA Schedules.
  3. Finish your lesson time exploring. Sort by City and State. See which companies have what kind of small business preference.

What next? Find out how much business these companies actually won.

– Judy Bradt, Summit Insight


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