Final proposal preparation

The objective of the preparation of the Final Proposal is to incorporate final proposal revisions, including Correction Reports (CR) and Deficiency Reports (DR)s.

Red Team Recovery

Each module has a Red Team recovery plan developed through consultation between the author and the Proposal Manager. The recovery plan consists of resolving the items listed on the Red Team comment disposition tracking form discussed in the Red Team review. When a module has few or no items for disposition, the Proposal Manager may resolve the comments and release the author.

The Red Team draft is under configuration control. Therefore, modules are revised in pen to the greatest extent practicable. The Proposal Coordinator now tracks hard copies in folders. The author must receive permission from the proposal manager to make changes in the electronic version (the electronic versions have embedded graphics).

Each author presents their approach to resolving comments. Often, comments are not easily resolved or require management approval. In these cases, the Proposal Manager places these issues on the Action Item List for daily tracking until resolution. Major issues notwithstanding, Red Team recovery should take no longer than three to four days. Seven days prior to shipment is the deadline for decisions impacting the proposal.

Often, proposals have achieved a level of maturity and most of the module authors are released. A core group remains to complete the proposal. At this point in the process, proposal management may shift from the module level to a sub factor or factor level.

The final draft revision actions include:

  • Cross reading by the core group
  • Integrating of themes that cross-cut modules, factors, and sub factors
  • Filling in remaining data gaps
  • Resolving page count issues
  • Developing the acronym list
  • Developing the cross reference (compliance) matrix
  • Improving the graphics

When the text and graphics are complete for a module, factor, or sub factor, the proposal coordinator forwards the material to publishing for a final edit. The editor must review their recommended changes with the affected core team member.

The publishing manager produces a final version for Gold Team review. The Gold Team version should be a shipment-ready document that is edited and complete with cover art, transmittal letter, cover page, signed representations and certifications, Tables of Contents, list of figures, cross reference matrix, list of acronyms and tabbed proposal sections.

– Melanie Baker & Mike Lisagor


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