Digital Marketplace Provides Greater Access for Government Contractors and Consultants

//Digital Marketplace Provides Greater Access for Government Contractors and Consultants

Digital Marketplace Provides Greater Access for Government Contractors and Consultants

New business methods, structural changes in the U.S workforce as well as the constant flow of new technology have created an environment online filled with new opportunities. Using digital matching in real time, contractors and consultants alike are connecting to a much broader market and ultimately winning more business. The future belongs to those who recognize the potential of this trend and adopt new approaches to take advantage of this exciting new framework.

The digital marketplace offers several advantages to government contractors and consultants. The new broader access helps them reduce the cost of doing business and increase the convenience of connecting. They also develop winning strategies through expanded professional relationships while providing the ability to conduct more effective market research.

Online matching enables companies to access previously unavailable talent from across the country, often at highly competitive rates. These private networks provide increased opportunities to compete and win while employing a variety of methods such as peer reviews to maintain quality and bolster compliance capabilities.

The new digital marketplace connects buyers and sellers of consulting services in record time. Results are provided to both groups within a matter of seconds. This new capability greatly reduces the time spent looking for the right consultant and offers companies a competitive advantage when they are able to find the right talents before their competitors.

Contractors and consultants benefit greatly from the inherent savings produced in the digital marketplace. Consultants increasingly competing for work result in cost savings. In exchange they gain greater access to opportunities which will result in increases to their revenue.

The search capabilities of the digital network are extraordinary. The marketplace provides a forum for communities of practice to collaborate. In turn, previously hard-to-fill skill sets are likely to be filled in a short matter. In effect the access economy provides a broader and faster platform for professionals to network while finding hard-to-fill talent.

Companies with limited budgets can expand their potential opportunities by engaging experts with deep agency or program knowledge on a highly targeted short term basis -sometimes for just several hours or a day. This form of quick access will help them determine if they want to invest more in a particular agency or contract opportunity.

In the access economy it is becoming increasingly more convenient to standardize consulting agreements and to maintain a complete record of consulting activities, payments and IRS reports. These features assure quality and compliance while operating under greater efficiency.

The convergence of new business methods, changes in the workforce and the evolution of technology form the basis for a new and more effective way of doing business. Companies and consultants who recognize benefits like cost savings, convenience and expanded opportunities will find more efficient business practices and a competitive edge in the digital marketplace.

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