Deciding whether to hire a DCAA consultant

You have come to the point that you believe your company can take on a government contract.

You know that you can produce a product or service at a better price and more efficiently than any of your competitors.  In addition, you have a great staff that is not only knowledgeable in many areas, but they are ready and willing to make the journey into government contracting with you.  The stars seemed aligned in your favor, but there is one little problem – you are not sure how to best prepare for the Defense Contract Auditing Agency’s (DCAA) Accounting System Review.  Perhaps, the best thing to do is to get a DCAA consultant on your team.

A DCAA consultant will be able to provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful during the DCAA Accounting System Review. There is no overstating the importance of passing every hurdle the DCAA may throw at you. You only have one chance to show that your company can perform up to standard – there are no rehearsals when they are in the room. You must be prepared and considering all scenarios before the DCAA ever knocks on the door to perform the DCAA Accounting System Review. A consultant will be able to lead the way and help you shine before, during, and after the Accounting System Review.

The benefits of a consultant are many when you are just starting out as government contractor. The consultant that specializes in DCAA affairs will make the transition from a private company to a government contractor a smooth one.  The DCAA consultant can make sure that the software you have chosen to be DCAA compliant is properly programmed to meet standard demands or recommend a program best suited for you needs.  The DCAA consultant can also prepare you in the areas you have yet to consider and the little ins-and-outs that are rarely considered. Regardless of how many times you have read the DCAA contractor documents you will not be as prepared as you could be. As a new contractor, an experienced DCAA consultant will help you succeed during the DCAA process and Accounting System Review without needing a second act to pass the DCAA tests.

– DCAA News

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