Business development status reporting and metrics

One of the most critical but often overlooked aspects of a healthy business development process is the establishment of a clear set of success measures, the conduct of regular status meetings, and the reporting of accurate and timely information.

Status Meetings

Weekly company review of all active opportunities that are in the lead, qualified, capture, and proposal underway and submitted phases. For each new lead, a Lead Pursuit Matrix should be presented at the meeting.

Monthly corporate status meeting to discuss selected priority opportunities in the qualification, capture and proposal underway phases. Priority opportunities with significant progress or decisions to be made should be reviewed while projecting the relevant opportunity data in the lead tracking system. The outstanding proposals submitted would then reviewed. Finally, any wins and losses would be discussed.

Capture reviews should be facilitated by a Capture Manager (or a Business Development or Line Organization Manager acting as a Capture Manager) to review a capture plan for a specific opportunity. Capture review attendance is determined by the Business Development Lead and the Capture Manager.

Lead Status Reporting

All lead status reporting should be done in the Lead Tracking System.

The Proposal Manager should update the Capture Manager weekly with proposal status and schedule updates.

Lead status for all leads in the qualification, capture, proposal and submittal phases should be updated weekly by the Opportunity Lead. He or she is responsible for providing the Capture Manager with a win probability % following the guidelines published by the company. Win probability inflation should be avoided!

All Business Development and Capture templates and forms should be made available on a shared drive or web site.

BD Process Metrics

The health of the Business Development process and pipeline for the company and each organizational unit should measured from Business Development and Capture Manager data using the following type of metrics that are then compared to established targets:

  • # of leads and $ order value and estimated revenue in the pipeline for each BD phase and in total
  • $ order value and estimated revenue as factored by win probability
  • # and $ value of proposals submitted
  • # and $ value of proposals won and lost
  • Win percentage of # and $ value
  • Win percentage of re-competes
  • $ value of follow-on business
  • B&P expenditure versus $ value bid and won
  • % of annual company revenue of recompete, follow-on and new business

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